Ensuring Your Safety

From the moment you log on to the app until you step off the court, we are dedicated to keeping you safe and secure.

We have implemented step-by-step user verification and documentation features to create a playing environment that promotes the safety of and respect for everyone.

We necessitate a form of identification from every user and the submission of a profile picture of his or her face.


We independently verify all of our users' identities and credentials via Yoti (used by apps such as Yubo, Trumin, and Freeads), creating a secure digital identity for every user.

As our app is available to all users of capable mobile devices, we require every user to sign up via phone number—a policy similar to apps such as TikTok, Whatsapp, Tinder, and more.


We have implemented a minimum age of 16 to protect potential underage users from possible harm or maltreatment. (Also, it's objectively unfair to pit an undeveloped 14-year-old against a 30-year-old athlete.)

We allow users to report others for instances of misconduct—whether online or in-game—and will instill a three-strike system for getting banned (egregious violations will forgo this rule and be instantly banned).


We document every game played along with every user participating in it and provide a panic button in the event of an emergency via Noonlight.

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