Features Available on RunItBack

The Interactive Map, which maps courts and organizes pickup games, serves as the core functionality of the RunItBack app:

  • Plots nearby available courts and allows players to choose a location, select the game length and number of players, create a game, and post it on the map for others to see and join (the organizer must bring the necessary equipment for the game)

  • Users can either create a "Play Now" game, in which the game occurs immediately, or schedule the game to be played in the future

  • If there is an ongoing game, users can select "Play Now" on that specific court and queue themselves if they are within a half-mile radius of the court

  • Gives users the option to play basketball, tennis, and volleyball games at the mapped courts in addition to any specific sport that they manually input

  • Allows players to input the result of the game, rate each other, and vote on the “Game MVP” after the game and then transfers that data to user profiles and the player leaderboard

  • Utilizes star ratings and written reviews from players to verify suitable playing locations and allow users to compare locations

  • In a more traditional format, users can also view lists of nearby available courts with typically little-to-no wait and ongoing games in the area on our “Nearby” tab and can look at prearranged games, the weekly matchups for community-based leagues, and local tournaments on our “Scheduled” tab.


RunItBack also offers a gamified user experience that enables you to compete with your local community:

Customizable User Profiles

  • Contains a player’s username, height, age, record, rating (out of five stars) and gives players the option to choose and represent a “group” of fans of a basketball team, club, city, or organization​

Premium Subscription

  • ​Has all the features of a standard profile with the omission of ads, allows for bonus content (such as showing a player’s number of individual Game MVPs, self-description, and local leaderboard ranking), and gives users expanded abilities (such as forming “squads” with a player’s friends, reserving games for them, and posting their highlights)

Tournaments and Leagues

  • Mediates and facilitates the creation of free-to-play local tournaments and weekly leagues that award the winner(s) prizes such as free premium memberships, merchandise, Cameos from athletes, jerseys, and more

Monthly Leaderboard

  • Combines a player’s overall record, individual game MVPs, “star” rating, and tournament/league championships to determine his or her rank on a local leaderboard that awards prizes (similar to those offered at tournaments and leagues) at the end of the month