Chief Executive Officer: Kyle Beerbower

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Kyle serves as the team’s leader and ultimate authority in making final decisions. In a general sense, he manages all day-to-day operations within the company, evaluates the work of the other executive leaders, and assesses risks to the company in order to ensure they are mitigated. He determines and implements the company’s vision and overall mission, sets short- and long-term KPIs and measurable goals for growth, and plans its next steps. On the financial side, he calculates the company’s complex projections and revenue streams and balances the budget sheet and taxes. In his management of product development, he innovates new ways to grow the user base and increase user retention, assists with the UI flow and MVP development, and executes essential third-party advertising/subscription sales. To raise the necessary capital for RunItBack, he heads the company’s fundraising ventures on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, meets with and secures investors, and handles strategic partnering with outside organizations. Taking on unassumed miscellaneous roles due to the team’s size constraints, he also manages the app’s website, handles legal formalities, directs RunItBack’s community reinvestment initiatives, communicates on behalf of the company with the public, and seeks expansion opportunities in light of other industry developments.