Chief Marketing Officer: Kenneth Duran

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Kenneth serves as the team’s primary marketer and UI/UX designer, formulating RunItBack’s brand strategy and directing the various channels of marketing while constantly innovating new forms of advertising. Up to this point, he has created RunItBack’s logo and produced the final mockups of the app’s beta version. Specifically, he manages RunItBack’s social media campaign and public relations, works with CRM and SEO tools to maximize user friendliness and engagement, and guides the cinematography and commercial production. He also conducts and applies market research to improve RunItBack’s product-market fit and assists with pitch competitions, investor relations, fundraising ventures, and partnerships with outside organizations.

When he’s not devising marketing strategies, Kenneth studies at Loyola High School and integrates himself with his community, serving as president for three clubs and a member of student council, shooting for the student yearbook “El Camino," working as a UCLA Riordan Scholar, and participating in the Loyola’s Office of Equity and Inclusion. In his spare time, Kenneth plays baseball and studies foreign languages.


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