Our Story

On a hot summer day in the heart of Los Angeles, a group of friends could not find a basketball court to play on. They asked, If we're able to call someone across the world and have a stranger deliver us food on-demand, why can’t we go to the park and shoot some hoops? It’s 2020!

That question soon morphed to an idea, and before long, the team of entrepreneurs was entering pitch competitions and competing for seed money. Team RunItBack finished as a national quarterfinalist in the Diamond Challenge and, after ameliorating its preliminary concept, advanced to the final round of the i.Invest National Youth Business Competition over hundreds of teams.

Now, that idea is being turned into a reality as the team continues to develop the app and prepare for its launch campaign. Soon, what started as a way to shoot some hoops on the local court will evolve into a medium for countless moments of human interaction that allows a diverse, nationwide community of users to connect and play sports together.

Our Mission

With the power of modern technology, we seek to challenge outdated traditional standards and reinvent how sports are played for the better. Our app is just scratching the surface of the vast potential of the modern sports industry. Carrying a fierce sense of entrepreneurialism and a willingness to take risks, we strive to continue to venture further into the industry and tackle the obstacles and new opportunities that the future will certainly bring. We will not be perfect, but we promise to listen to our customers and to do our best to optimize for their happiness and loyalty above all else.

Our Team

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RunItBack, LLC


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