Play Pickup Sports. Anytime and Anywhere. For Free.

Welcome to the Sports World of the Future.

RunItBack is redefining where, when, and how sports are played.


A free-to-play pickup game of basketball, volleyball, or any other sport is now accessible at your fingertips! Just search up your favorite local court and join a scheduled game—or even create your own game on the fly and invite your friends!


Your safety is our utmost priority. To uphold our end of the deal, we have taken the steps to verify each user and document every game to ensure that everyone's experience goes smoothly and safely.


We offer the complete package to you outside of gameplay, in which you can customize your profile, be friends with other users, compete in local events, get ranked against your friends, and win prizes.


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RunItBack: A New Way to Give Back

Sports inequity is an ongoing pandemic in our nation, preventing millions of aspiring athletes from stepping foot on a court.

To combat sports inequity and facilitate change, we pledge to reinvest in our community and today's youth, fueled by you, our users, playing pickup games.

By simply using RunItBack, our users are throwing a much-needed assist to countless athletes and their communities.


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